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of the united states and those of us in congress have to do a much better job refocusing on the basic things everyone understands. you do a good job on your show, if you ask citizens about what this health care plan is about a lot don't know. a lot would support it if we explained it better. >> anthony wiener from the great state of new york. what way do we go forward if we are truly going to reform the health care system we have to be honest about the problem. yes. 46 million don't have health insurance. what is that a symptom of? does it not stem from a government controlled by special interest more concerned with catering to the special interests than solving our problems. we have an inefficient employer-based health care system, created in 1942 to incentivize women to come into the work force because so many young men were at war. it is 2010. that system has been left intact and encourages overpaying and overspending while limiting personal choice and making insurance company executives rich while overly empowering union leaders to negotiate those employers. at the same time we as indivi
. today the president of the united states made a major move to fix a broken system, looking to limit the amount of risk any one bank in america can take on in an effort to make their executives rich. under these rules, your bank could no longer gamble with your money. >> as economics professor william black who has joined us a number of times pointed out this morning, this is a great start. and i could not agree more, or applaud the president or his administration more for their efforts, finally, to take on directly our bankers who have sought to exploit their special privileges, not to help our democracy or our country, but to help themselves to enrich themselves. joining us now, we welcome back in fact senator maria cantwell, democrat from the great state of washington. and a member of the senate finance committee. she has been front and center pushing for stronger bank reform, including a proposed piece of legislation last fall in which you partnered with senator john mccain to propose the cantwell/mccain amendments to the senate legislation that would effectively try to reduce th
would push to keep it in manhattan? >> no. the primary responsibility the president of the united states is to keep us safe. what mayor bloomberg talked about is the expense of this trial. what about the expense of keeping new york city in lockdown for six or nine months? they can protect the terrorists going from the prison to the courthouse. can they protect all of new york city? which is going to be a -- if you're a wannabe suicide bomber, there's -- >> the underpants bomb. take it off the shelf, it's time to use it.รง jonathan, do you think that holder and the president will reconsider? >> i think they're going to have to reconsider whether to reconsider. remember, we have to -- >> what was that? >> no, no, let's keep something in mind here. mayor bloomberg, when they made the decision to have the ksm trial in lower manhattan, mayor bloomberg jumped out there and said, yeah, let's do it. but as time went on, the mayor heard from real estate interests and local community interests who were very, very concerned about security. and on top of security, the expense of protecting the city
invest? >> if i may. germany definitely has a stronger manufacturing base than the united states. but the u.s. does very well compared to the united kingdom. we saw the dollar weakening and we saw american manufacturing getting stronger. i think the real issue isn't manufacturing jobs, it's education. so that more americans can participate in the global economy. >> i don't disagree with you on the education front whatsoever. the great thing about public education is when the doors open, everybody's welcome. but we have lost more manufacturing jobs than the uk. we've lost more manufacturing jobs than any of the european countries. we have thought it good to outsource and go in a different direction and we're paying a price for it. we've got the new normal. now, the number that you put up there, 75% versus 50% since 1971, that's disposable income of goods and services that were not flowing. >> because it's servicing the credit machine. in other words, this is not an accident. in other words, the same way that you use the combustion engine to chop down -- if i basically have a syste
conspiracy to declare economic warfare on the united states. we're breaking it down. >>> also, what sarah palin says she would to with the tea party. all that, plus a few stories we found while we were supposed to be working. can you say what the cluck? "the dylan ratigan show" starts right now. >>> >>> good afternoon to you. i am dylan ratigan. we begin today with a biblical story of noah and the floods. yes, i'm not kidding. how it relates to what is happening in america today. as the noah of story goes, he sent a tof, you see the dove there? to look for try land after a great flood had wiped out the earth. the dove returned with an olive branch, like the one i have in my hand, or the lovely one you see depicted on the screen. a sign of reconciliation, a gesture of goodwill, a symbol for a second chance. during the president's state of the union speech the other night, the president tried the same approach. especially not only with the congress, but with the republicans. >> we face big and difficult challeng challenges. and what the american people hope, what they deserve, is for all of
what we've seen in recent years in the united states. >> how does it compare to the '89 quake in san francisco. >> it is a bit larger, but not as large as the san francisco of 1906 et quake. this is a poor country as you pointed out. the construction is generally very poor. the buildings aren't very resilient. we expect to see a lot of damage and casualties. >> let's get into the region from a seismology standpoint. what are the lines we are looking at here and how does it compare with the san andreas fault in california. >> you see two otv major tectonic surface, the caribbean plate and the north american plate. cuba, hispaniola and haiti are over here. this blue and orange is the main boundary between the caribbean plate and the north american plate. on this boundary the two plates come together. on this part of the boundary is strike slip. very much like california. >> they slide past each other. >> it produces earthquakes that are shallow and shake a lot laterally. they are very damaging for countries like this. >> are strike slip typically more violent than compression? >> not n
need to see the president of the united states step up to the podium in the well of the people's house and prove that he's listening to the american people. i mean, the american people quite frankly are tired of the borrowing, the spending, the bailouts, the takeovers. they want the president, i believe, to step up tonight and say we are going to set aside these big government schemes in health care, work in a bipartisan way on some incremental measures that will lower costs, set aside plans to raise your taxes in the worst recession in 25 years and focus on putting our fiscal house in order and focus on the kind of measures that have always and will always create jobs. i really think the american people want to see the president take a very different approach tonight and prove he is listening to the american people. >> white house press secretary making the rounds, as always. robert gibbs was on "morning joe" and acknowledged the president's frustrations during his first year. take a listen to this. >> he will talk about that and he will talk about how he wishes washington had changed
-- the united states will be taking the lead on this. and right now, the armed forces seem to really be in control, in a sense, marking sure that their troops get out, that they are working with the u.s. -- usaid office. i spoke with several search and rescue teams from america, from miami-da miami-dade, from fairfax county, virginia, from los angeles, and they have all been working with the u.s. office here in going out and coordinating and doing the search and rescues. so i think it's pretty obvious that the u.s. is taking that lead. >> understood that. al, thank you so much for the reporting. we'll visit with you later. there has been a bottle neck at the airport in port-au-prince with too many planes trying to land at the same time, for obvious reasons. some planes have been diverted instead to the dominican republic, which is adjacent, with the intent of trucking the supplies in. there is a flood of haitian refugees at the dominican border trying to flee the chaos behind them in search of food, medicine and clean water. nbc's michelle kaczynski is live in the dominican with the
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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